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Hello everyone,

I hope my letter finds you all in great health and spirits.

You all know that summer is approaching way fast and spring is just here. You all know how Australia gets when the summer arrives and how hot the country can be. Well, the city of Perth can be pretty hot as Western Australia is mostly desert whereas South Australia is also the same and the state has often been blighted by wildfires. Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland can be humid given the fact that Victoria and Queensland have greenery. Central coast can get really sweaty and Gold Coast sizzles with tourists coming around for fun in the Australian summers. To find out more promo codes visit SuperSaverMama.

Ensure that you all are wearing light colours and try wearing sandals without socks in the summer. Don’t try accumulating the heat in your body, wear a cap/hat, wear sunglasses and keep a bottle of water with you all the time to keep yourself hydrated. Don’t spend too much time outside.

How are the fans in your home? Do have a look and check if their capacitors are doing great. The fans should be fast and should help cool the room temperature. Check the table fans and check if there is need for wall mounted fans in case direct wind does not work in your particular city/suburb.

Check the ceiling fans. Make sure their capacitors are in the right working condition and if possible get them fixed. Ceiling fans are critical for the Australian weather and many Australian homes have patios and decks which are also extended. The summers should be pleasant and use the fans to make them pleasant.

How can you beat the heat and check if the fans are good or not? You should sign up for Go Lights coupon code on super saver mama. I availed the best discounts on top notch ceiling and table fans on Go Lights and I’ve been able to phase out fans that were not working.

I recommend Go Lights to all of you and I wish you all a great summer.

Warm Regards


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