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I consider myself as one of the fortunate person in the world as what I wished for I always got that and it benefitted me in every way possible. After completing high school wanted to carry on with my studies in business and for that I wanted to move to Melbourne where the best business university was situated. I knew that it won’t be that easy to get admission in there still I wanted to try and make the most of what I can get. For the aptitude test I got all my preparations done by availing Jekkle coupons at Supersavermama as this particular store had all the new and used books at a considerable rate.

My cousin told me about this store as she went ahead with her medical studies by buying books from here. Jekkle had all the books for the starters to the final stage students making everyone’s thirst for the education be fulfilled.

The books which were not even not available at the other usual and famous stores were all I got from Jekkle. I saw the huge selection which made my eyes come out of the socket as that experience with the store was something I never expected.

Books like understanding Business Law, Business and Corporation Law, Basic Business Statistics and more books were made available to me at the store. The discount which I got from the store was quite an awakening alarm for me as this much concession I never got from any store whether by visiting them physically or by ordering books online.

The terms and conditions available at the store for free shipping on purchase of books over $ 50 to almost all the states in Australia was quite heart winning. I also was impressed when I read about renting specific books which you just need for a certain period and then it can be returned on completion of that time period.

By availing this rental facility I got some health assessment and pregnancy period care books for my sister who was expecting a baby and was facing a lot of hardships in this time period.

My quest for the right place filled with textbooks of all genre was now taken care of by Jekkle and constantly luxuriating me where my love for reading and gathering general information was involved. Never give up on your desire to read more and more when Jekkle is there to assist you in all the matters.

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